How To Stay Popular In The Catering Industry

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Just like any other industry, the catering industry is equally very competitive as various caterers keep advertising their services. Thus, both catering companies and private caterers always compete for customers. This, therefore, means that caterers are expected to do everything possible within their means to stay relevant in the catering industry. With that said, here are some of the ways to stay popular and relevant in the catering industry;

Invest in the right equipment

Investing in the right equipment is the best way to stay popular in the catering industry. After all, it is but normal that one should spend money in order to get more money. You are therefore obliged to buy a range of equipment including buffet equipment such as chafing dishes, tongs, cutting boards and fuel cells for chaffing dishes. Also, serving equipment like trays, bus tubs and water pitchers should not be omitted, these are essential for when providing home catering services Other relevant catering equipment includes those for table setting like wine glasses, salad plates, bread plates, table clothes etc. This equipment will not only render your end delivery attractive but will also convince both your clients and potential clients that you are up to the task.

Have a great staff

If you are in any business, you definitely need a great staff to stay relevant and become the number one company in your industry. This is exactly the case with the catering industry as one needs a well-trained staff in order to be successful. That said, you should ensure that your staff members have been properly trained in some of the most reputable catering schools. Aside training, they should either have a certain degree of experience in the catering industry or they should be eager and quick learners. Once your staff is ethical, clients will find your services attractive and appealing. More so, employ sufficient staff so that you are not labelled understaffed for particular events or projects.

Along with having a great staff, you need to have the right contacts on your speed dial. Especially when it comes to the catering business because if there are last minute delays or cancellations then it’s your responsibility to be on top of your game and have a backup plan in place. One of the most common problems that caterers face is getting the venue organised. If you ask us, we recommend getting in touch with Harbour Kitchens and keep them on your contacts, they’ve got some of the best party venues in Melbourne for your clients and are prompt in making last minute bookings.

Advertise your services

One of the best ways to stay popular in the catering industry is by advertising your services aggressively.

Take note that you could have the best staff in the world and the best equipment but will still not be able to get clients if no one knows you. Hence, you should invest much money in adverts, once you have some clients, they may also require for you to setup a venue for them, we recommend getting in touch with Harbour Kitchen when it comes to corporate function venues in Melbourne or any other type of venue. You could do so by making great use of the social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram. This can be done by opening sponsored pages in order to target as many people as possible within a specific region. You could also advertise your services in popular event management blogs. Nonetheless, you will also stay popular if you have great networking skills.

Be creative and strive for quality

Like most industries, there is a lot of competition in the catering industry. Hence you need to be very creative with a great taste for quality in order to stay popular in the catering industry. You, therefore, need to invent some recipes and put them into the trial. You will also need to come out with wowing ideas on how to display food in the most eye-catching manner. One company that does it right is Aagaman restaurant which is a Indian restaurant in camberwell that knows how to mix creativity and excellent food to bring together the perfect catering service. Sticking to quality will also make you more unique and more appealing to clients. For example, you may decide to encourage healthy living by using strictly organic products in your company. All these will no doubts make it possible for you to gain all customers who are health conscious.

Stay in touch with your clients

Another way to stay popular in the catering industry is by staying in touch with your clients.  Remember staying in touch with your clients will be advantageous to you as they will either recommend you to other people or stick to your services when next they are in need of a caterer. This can be done by sending your client’s customised gifts to thank them for patronising your services. You could also send them emails once in a while to inform them of any new services or you could just call them to check on them.

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